I’m a web developer based in Adelaide, South Australia.

With a focus on useability and design, I have been building web sites for over 15 years. Mainly freelancing, I have spent the last 5 years as a full time developer for Telstra, managing their knowledge management platform KnowHow.

This was a highly deadline driven position, timing content releases with new products, and building real-time tools to assist the front line staff (contact centres, stores and support staff) with servicing and delighting our customers, anticipating issues that may arise and pre-empting solutions.

Mainly developing using HTML/JavaScript/CSS on the frontend and PHP/MySQL on the backend, I was the goto when people needed to disseminate training or knowledge to our consumer staff. In the last 18 months I have also been the primary UI designer for a replacement Knowledge portal, using CSS and JavaScript to build wireframes that are then implemented by the backend developers.

In my free-time I build things for myself, using Raspberry Pis to hack my Apple TVs, LIFX lights and Air-conditioning. I have a working knowledge of Ruby, Node.js and Python and am always looking for ways to improve my knowledge.